Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 7

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The SP 7 Dirt Inox is the most powerful pump in our range. Capable of pumping 15,000 litres of water an hour, offering an extremely quick solution to any problem.

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The Kärcher SP7 Dirt Inox is the most powerful pump in our range. Offering an extremely fast solution to any problem. From clearing flooded water or providing a simple solution to emptying a pond or swimming pool. The additional Inox feature means that the pump has a metal casing, giving extra durability. The ability to pump 15,000 litres of water an hour offers you a rapid response to any situation you may find yourself needing a pump. This is a particularly important feature when faced with a disaster such as flooding. The SP7 Dirt Inox uses an IQ level sensor, which uses an electrical current between two electrodes to activate the pump. This can be height adjusted to the level you wish the pump to pump down to. There is also a switch at the top of the pump, that you can manually turn on to pump out the last of the water. This SP7 has an inbuilt pre-filter to help protect the pump from coarse dirt, helping to prolong the life of the pump. It is designed to handle dirt particles up to 30mm in diameter.


Technical data

Max. motor rating (W) 750
Max. flow rate (l/h) 15500
Delivery head (m) 8
Max. pressure (bar) 0.8
Max. depth of immersion (m) 7
Max. grain size (mm) 30
Residual water height (mm) 35
Delivery temperature, max. (°C) 35
Weight without accessories (kg) 6.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 238 x 287 x 354



  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Easy hose connection thanks to Quick Connect
  • Switching between manual/automatic operation, Switch on the pump
  • Level sensor: Continuous switching level definition
  • Integrated stainless-steel prefilter
  • In automatic operation (auto), the pump automatically switches with the water level
  • In manual operation, the pump runs continuously until the minimum quantity of residual water is reached
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 7 Dirt Inox: Ceramic face seal
Ceramic face seal
For an extra long lifetime.
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 7 Dirt Inox: Level Sensor
Level Sensor
For continuously adjustable switch-on and switch-off points of the pumps.
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 7 Dirt Inox: Quick Connect
Quick Connect
Connection thread for quick and uncomplicated connection of 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" hoses.
Auto/manual switch
  • For switching between automatic and manual mode.
Designed for dirty water
  • Reliable pumping of water with dirt particles up to 30 mm in size.
Comfortable carry handle
  • Comfortable to hold and can also be used as a rope holder.
Robust and integrated stainless steel prefilter
  • Protects the pump against large dirt and therefore protects the pump impeller from becoming blocked.
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