Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 5

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The SP 5 Dirt is capable of pumping 9,500 litres of water an hour. This makes it extremely useful if you need a quick solution to a flooded area of your home.

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The SP5 Dirty water pump is a great solution for any requirement you may have. From cleaning out your pond, to clearing flooded water away from inside and outside your home, the SP5 can give you fast results. The SP5 Dirt can pump 9,500 litres of water an hour, giving you fast result when you need it most. This pump can be connected to your standard garden hose pipe, using a tap adapter to connect your hose pipe to the pump. The SP5 pump uses a float switch to turn on and off, as the water level rises the float switch is lifted above the pump to automatically turn it on. This model comes with a handy guide rail on the side, so you can adjust the level of water you want the pump to pump down too. On this guide rail, you also have the ability to fix the float switch in place, so you can pump the last remaining water away. The SP5 Dirt can deal with dirt particles up to 20mm in circumference. This pump comes with a 2 year warranty, however if you register your pump with Kärcher UK, we will offer you a five year warranty with your pump.


Technical data

Max. motor rating (W) 500
Max. flow rate (l/h) 9500
Delivery head (m) 7
Max. pressure (bar) 0.7
Max. depth of immersion (m) 7
Max. grain size (mm) 20
Residual water height (mm) 25
Delivery temperature, max. (°C) 35
Weight without accessories (kg) 4.7
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 229 x 238 x 303
Power cable (/m) H05RN-F / 10



  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Easy hose connection thanks to Quick Connect
  • Switching between manual/automatic operation, Possibility of fixing the float switch
  • Flexible, height-adjustable float switch
  • In automatic operation (auto), the pump automatically switches with the water level
  • In manual operation, the pump runs continuously until the minimum quantity of residual water is reached
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 5 Dirt: Ceramic face seal
Ceramic face seal
For an extra long lifetime.
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 5 Dirt: Height-adjustable float switch
Height-adjustable float switch
Increases flexibility so you can adjust the switch on and off point on the pump, to help prevent dry running.
Submersible Dirty Water Pump SP 5 Dirt: Quick Connect
Quick Connect
Connection thread for quick and uncomplicated connection of 1 1/4" hoses to the pump.
Designed for dirty water
  • Reliable pumping of water with dirt particles up to 20mm in size.
Possibility of fixing the float switch in place
  • For switching to continuous operation.
Comfortable carry handle
  • Comfortable to hold and can also be used as a rope holder.
Sturdy and easy to attach a pre-filter, available as an accessory
  • Protects the pump against large dirt and therefore protects the pump impeller from becoming blocked.
This is where accessories go.