Wheel Wash Brush

SKU: 2.643-234.0


The Kärcher wheel wash brush is perfect for removing dirt and grime that accumulates on your wheel rims with 360° degree cleaning enabling you to reach every angle of your wheels.

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Kärcher Wheel Wash Brush

The Kärcher wheel wash brush has all-round bristles which ensures extremely effective cleaning. This brush reaches all those difficult to reach areas and gets into the smallest of gaps for thoroughly clean wheels and wheel rims. The Kärcher wheel wash brush has the added benefit of uniform 360° water distribution for dissolving and flushing away the dirt. The quality bristles provide a gentle but efficient cleaning action, for excellent all-round cleaning results. This brush includes a union nut for a secure spray gun connection and ergonomic handle for ease of use. The Kärcher wheel washing brush is a great addition to your Kärcher pressure washer, suitable for all K2-K7 models.


Technical data

Weight (kg) 0.3
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 422 x 80 x 101




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K2 Full Control
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K4 Compact
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K4 Full Control Home
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K2 Premium Full Control Car & Home
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K5 Premium Full Control Home
K7 Premium Full Control Home
Uniform water distribution over 360°
  • Cleans evenly and removes stubborn dirt.
High-quality brushes
  • Efficient and gentle cleaning action
Detergent application
  • Increased cleaning performance
Rotating brushes
  • Effortless cleaning in hard to reach places and small gaps
Wheel washing brush
  • For all motor vehicle types
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