FJ 10 C Foam Nozzle Ultra

SKU: 2.643-143.0


The Kärcher FJ 10 C Foam Nozzle Ultra is the most effective way to apply deteregent, allowing you to switch between detergents for different tasks.

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FJ 10 C Foam Nozzle Ultra

The Kärcher FJ 10 C Connect ‘n’ Clean foam nozzle with the Ultra Foam Cleaner is a simple and easy way to apply your detergent. The FJ 10 C Foam Nozzle Ultra provides a powerful foam for easy cleaning of all surfaces, whilst also providing a quick change system for switching between different detergents with a single click. The detergent dose can easily be adjusted on the foam nozzle. The jet level can be adjusted as required. The FJ10 C are suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers of the K2–K7 class.


Technical data

Weight (kg) 1.3
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 102 x 201 x 260
information For old trigger guns pre 2010 (gun M, 96, 97): Adapter M (2.643-950.0) required.


  • K 2 Compact
  • K 2 Full Control
  • K 2 Full Control Home
  • K 4 Compact
  • K 4 Full Control
  • K 4 Full Control Home
  • K 4 Premium Full Control Home
  • K 5 Compact Home
  • K 5 Premium Full Control Plus Home
  • K 7 Premium Full Control Plus Home
  • K2 Premium Full Control Home
  • K 2 Compact Car & Home
  • K 2 Premium Full Control Car & Home
  • K2 Compact Home
  • K2 Home
  • K2 Premium Home
  • K4
  • K4 Home
  • K4 Premium Home
  • K4 Silent Home
  • K5 Car & Home
  • K5 Full Control Home
  • K5 Premium Full Control Home
  • K7 Premium Full Control Home


  • Car cleaning
  • Cleaning motorbikes and bicycles
  • Cleaning caravans
Innovative foam nozzle
  • Generation and application of a powerful foam.
In kit
  • Practical kit with various detergents.
Quick-change system
  • Quick and convenient change of detergent with a single click.
Detergent application
  • Detergent consumption depends on use
Transparent detergent container
  • Contents always visible.
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