Karcher Repairs Cork – Why You Should Choose Crowley Cleaning

Karcher Repairs Cork - Why You Should Choose Crowley CleaningKarcher equipment is extremely high quality and can take on everything from the smallest to the largest of cleaning tasks. However, even cleaning equipment as high quality as Karcher’s needs to be maintained and repaired from time to time. Do you have Karcher cleaning equipment that needs fixing? If you need Karcher repairs in Cork here’s why you should choose Crowley Cleaning.

Premier Karcher Dealer

Crowley Cleaning is a premier Karcher dealer. This means that we have a wealth of knowledge about all Karcher cleaning products and can give the best advice possible when the time comes for repairs. If Karcher themselves can rely on us, you can too.

Onsite Repairs

One of the huge advantages of getting your Karcher cleaning equipment repaired by Crowley Cleaning is that we carry out all of our repairs on site. We have fully qualified engineers that specialise in Karcher repairs just waiting for you to come in so that they can get work on fixing your machine.

Continuous Training

All of our engineers are trained by Karcher and are trained continuously to ensure they truly are the best at what they do. This continuous training allows our engineers to become true experts in the field of Karcher repairs which means they can help you with almost any problem you run into.

We Fix A Huge Variety Of Equipment

Our Karcher trained engineers can fix a wide variety of equipment. Even if you didn’t originally purchase it from us, we can and will get your Karcher machinery up and running again. If it has the Karcher name, we fix it.

Speedy Repairs

As we carry out all of our Karcher repairs on site and don’t send them off anywhere else to be fixed, we can assure you they will be done to the highest standard as quickly as possible. We can appreciate how valuable each piece of equipment is to you (especially those who use it professionally), so we will always do our best to get you back up and running promptly.

We Stock A Huge Range Of Parts

At Crowley Cleaning we keep a huge range of Karcher spare parts in stock. This means when you come to us for repairs, we will very rarely have to send off for the parts we need to fix your equipment. This a huge help when it comes to cutting down on the time our customers have to wait before their repairs are made.

High Quality Parts

We are a premier Karcher dealer and as such we will only ever use the highest quality Karcher parts when carrying out repairs. Using cheap parts might bring the initial cost of repairs down, but over time they tend to fail a lot more quickly than genuine Karcher parts. This makes cheap parts a huge false economy as you can actually end up spending a lot more in the long run when you have to fix them over and over again.

Amazing Value

As well as offering expert engineers to carry out repairs in the best manner possible, we also offer those repairs at fantastic prices. We are now offering Karcher home and garden machinery repairs for just €35 plus parts. 

12 Month Guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our work, so confident that we offer a 12 month guarantee on all of our repairs except in the case of abuse, misuse or frost damage. This helps us build up trust with our customers as they know we are doing the best job possible because if we don’t we will carry out the repairs again for free!

If you need to repair your Karcher machinery, look no further than Crowley Cleaning. We are a premier Karcher dealer which guarantees quality, we have in house engineers that repair everything on site, all of our engineers undergo continuous training from Karcher, we can fix any piece of cleaning equipment with the Karcher brand name, we make every effort to make repairs quickly so you can get back to using your equipment, we have a huge range of parts in stock so we rarely have to order them in which can slow down the repair process, we only use high quality genuine Karcher parts, we offer amazing value for money and we give a 12 month guarantee on any repairs that we make!

Call us on 021-496-2288 to book your Karcher repair in Cork today.