Karcher Hot Pressure Washer Hire

Why Choose Crowley Cleaning For Karcher Hot Pressure Cleaner Rental

At Crowley Cleaning we have several top quality Karcher hot pressure washers available for hire in Cork. You can rent them on a very flexible basis from 1 week up to 5 years depending on your needs.

Hot pressure washers are the ideal choice if you’re trying to tackle a job that’s just too tough for a cold pressure washer. The use of hot water has a huge advantage over cold when it comes to cleaning oil, grease, caked-on muck and grime. You wouldn’t use cold water when you’re washing the dishes, so why would tackling bigger jobs like cleaning the tracks of an excavator should be any different?

Hot pressure cleaners work by using a three-pronged attack.

Their first weapon is heat. Our Karcher models can heat water up to 155°C. At these temperatures, water’s surface tension is lowered which makes it much more efficient at penetrating grease, much and grime molecules. This not only gives a better clean than cold water, that deep clean is also much easier and quicker to achieve.

The second element is agitation. Simply put, the brute force of the water spraying against the surface you are cleaning. The force put out by the hot pressure cleaners we have available to rent is considerable with up to 1000 litres per hour passing through the machine at 200 bar pressure.

The final tool hot water pressure cleaners have in their arsenal is soap/detergent. The soap breaks down the chemical bond between the surface you are cleaning and the dirt itself. It helps stop water and things like oil and grime from repelling each other and instead allows them to mix easily. This means they can cling to one another, making it easier to carry away the dirt in the run-off water.

If you’re unsure of the hot pressure washer you need or if you would be better served by a cold pressure hose, we would be happy to help. We are a Premier Karcher Dealer which means that Karcher themselves recognise our high level of expertise. Whatever your question, we can help. Contact us today by filling out the form on our contact page or by calling us on 086-832-4844 and we will help you find the perfect cleaning machine for your needs.

Karcher High Pressure Washer HDS 7/10-4 M (Single Phase)

Karcher High Pressure Washer HDS 7104 M (Single Phase)

Karcher High Pressure Washer HDS 10/20-4 M (Three Phase)

Karcher High Pressure Washer HDS 1020-4 M (Three Phase)

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