Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – 3 Types Of Vacuum

Industrial vacuum cleaners by Karcher are tough and built to withstand the everyday demands of cleaning up the mess in industries when that can be especially difficult. Rest assured Karcher will get the job done, all you have to do is choose the right one. Here are 3 types of industrial vacuum cleaners and some industries they are perfect for.

135513601: Industrial Eco Efficiency Vacuums

These vacuums are extremely economical to run and they are designed to clean up quietly during working hours with the minimum of disruption. An example of an Eco efficiency vacuum is the T 12/1 Eco!Efficiency Vacuum cleanerIt’s 12m cable length gives you plenty of room for manoeuverability, it has an A energy rating and a sound level of just 65 dB(A). That’s right in the middle of the noise range of conversational speech and shower, a far cry from some of the older industrial vacuum cleaner models. It’s perfect for offices and workspaces that need to be cleaned while people are still at work.

2: Industrial Backpack Vacuums

Industrial backpack vacuums such as the Karcher BV 5/1 BP are lightweight and powerful and rely on Li-Ion batteries to keep them going for around 35 minutes (it only takes an hour to charge them back up to full) if there are no easily accessible power supply is available. Backpack vacuums are perfect for industries when a fast turnaround is needed and sockets are limited including cinemas, airplanes, buses, trains and more.

Wet Vacuum Cleaner3:  Industrial Wet & Dry Vacuums

The Karcher NT 65/2 Tact² is the perfect example of a top quality wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It has a huge capacity of 65 litres and is extremely efficient at vacuuming anything from very fine dust and hair to mud and oil spills. Due to the demanding nature of a wet and dry vac’s work it is extremely robust while also offering easy mobility for the user. It’s a must have for people working in construction, the automotive industry and the food industry.

3 types of industrial vacuum we sell are eco efficient vacuums, backpack vacuums and wet and dry vacuums; choose the perfect one for your industry to get the best results. If you’re unsure of which vacuum to choose visit us online to browse our full range or call us on 086-832-4844.