4 Differences Between Steam Cleaners & Pressure Washers

Differences Between Steam Cleaners & Pressure Washers


Steam cleaners4 Differences Between Steam Cleaners & Pressure Washers and pressure washers are fundamental tools for keeping your business premises or home properly cleaned. People often get confused about what the difference is between the two machines and wonder whether or not they need them both to get the job done. Here are 4 differences between steam cleaners and pressure washers.

1: How They Function

The biggest difference between steam cleaners and pressure washers is how they function. They work in completely different ways. A steam cleaner uses very little water compared to a pressure washer and it turns that water into steam. The steam that has been produced is then used to clean surfaces. Where as a pressure washer works by using large quantities of water being forced through high pressure jets to create a powerful stream to wash dirt off of a surface. So where a steam cleaner relies on heat from steam, pressure washers rely on volume and power.

2: Hygiene

While pressure washers are great at blasting messes away, the steam cleaner really comes into its own in terms of hygiene. However, it is possible to use cleaning agents in conjunction with many pressure washers if necessary to improve hygiene levels. The vapour that a steam cleaner produces acts as an instant disinfectant to the surface it touches. This makes them perfect for cleaning restaurants, kitchens, hospitals & of course your home. Similarly, as the steam negates the need for using harsh chemicals, they are ideal to use if you have an aversion to any cleaning agents.

3: The Surfaces They Clean Best

The gentle cleaning system of a steam cleaner makes them ideal for cleaning in situations where a lighter touch is needed. They are perfect for cleaning glass, carpets, tiles, siding, grouting and other similar surfaces. Pressure hoses on the other hand are perfectly suited to cleaning projects that require a large area to be cleaned, especially if the surface is porous like concrete or bricks. Pressure washers allow you to clean huge areas in a very short amount of time. They are perfect for washing factory floors, garage floors, pathways, patio areas and many other surfaces.

4: Drying Time

As you would expect, there is a huge difference in how long something takes to dry when it has been cleaned using a steam cleaner versus when it has been cleaned using a pressure washer. A steam cleaned surface can sometimes be dry to touch almost instantly due to the small amount of water used and the high temperature it comes out at. When you clean something with a pressure washer it is a different story. As the machine relies on a large volume of water being sprayed out at high pressure, surfaces can be left wet for a much longer time.

Pressure washers and steam cleaners are both fantastic cleaning tools to keep in your arsenal. They have completely different designs and are specialised in carrying out completely different tasks.

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